What is the NEWFOOD?

What is the NEWFOOD?

The NEWFOOD is a digital magazine devoted to food tech, the food technologies of the future. The choice of the topic was deliberate. There are business journalists and entrepreneurs from the agri-food sphere among our founders. After many years of experience in the markets and media, both became aware that the world evolves. Those, who traded raw materials yesterday, will have to manufacture finished products tomorrow. And not just any products but innovative ones. This is how the business can stay competitive and profitable in both internal and external markets.

That is the reason why this magazine came into being. The NEWFOOD is about people who sense the main global tendencies and are ready to tell about their accomplishments.

Who creates the NEWFOOD?

Our editorial staff is comprised of people who are inspired by food tech. We are journalists who worked in the country’s best business-oriented media and analysts who study various markets. We interview market players from the food industry and publish columns by experts developing new technologies.

We write feature articles about companies who drive the markets and introduce the world to food innovations. Also, we write about those people, who create the future of the sphere, experiment with the innovations in the food industry. Each week we prepare a special digest, picking the most interesting news about food tech from all over the world.

What/Whom are we writing about?

Our focus is the food of the future: technologies of production, delivery and other related spheres. We also write about industry players, the people who are creating the future of this field today, experimenting with the innovations in the food industry. The third topic is devoted to those who develop modern equipment for the food industry of the future.

Who is our audience?

Our audience unites several groups of readers. The first group is those who are interested in:

  • radically new products;
  • the combinations of ultra-modern tech and ancient recipes;
  • zero-waste technologies in the food industry;
  • food tech start-ups.

The second group is food producers, who employ our media as a platform to:

  • promote their products with the help of texts (also in English);
  • lobby their views of the industry law-making;
  • promote their company’s reputation as the future food ambassador.

The third group is the manufacturers of equipment for modern food production. They can rest assured that:

  • their advertising materials will reach the target audience we select for each such message on social media;
  • our journalists will be able to describe complicated things in simple words, demonstrating their effectiveness in the production process (also in English);
  • the specialists of the manufacturing company will be able to participate in industry reviews and our events

Out statistics

We promote almost all our publications on Facebook, also via our Facebook page, which has more than 21,000 subscribers. We target specific audiences.

  • Around 3,500 unique daily readers spend from one to two minutes reading our news, interviews and features.
  • 78% of our audience are married people between the ages of 35 and 64 with higher education.

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